Request for Information

Request for Information for Silverstone Living including Hunt Community, The Huntington, and Webster at Rye.

I. Background Information

A. Name and address of firm

B. Name, address, brief biographical information, telephone numbers and email of relationship team.

C. Business focus/client base and assets under management, firm ownership structure.

II. Investment Management Process

A. Asset allocation methodology – Describe your process and resources for reaching asset allocation recommendations.

B. Investment policy statements – Describe the process you prefer to analyze and make recommendations regarding a client’s investment policy statement.

C. Please provide your firm’s specific philosophy and process for equity and fixed income investments. Include investment performance results for equity and fixed income strategies for one, three, five and ten years, annualized.

D. Performance measurement – Describe your process of monitoring investment performance for a client. Please provide a sample performance measurement report.

E. Based on the investment information we have provided, what observations would you make about the current investment structure and process.

F. If our organization employed your firm, what would recommend that we do differently?

G. How does your firm add value to your clients’ investment management and oversight?

H. How often would the portfolio manager be available to meet with the investment committee and staff? In addition to performance, what topics are covered in the review.

III. Client Service

A. Who would be the primary client contact? Explain the structure of the client support staff.

B. Please include a sample statement and indicate the frequency of reporting. Could these reports be customized to meet our particular needs? Are there additional charges for sub-fund reporting?

IV. References

Please provide at least three references, preferably including not-for-profit clients. Please indicate contact name, address and phone number.

V. Fee Schedule

A. Please outline your proposed fee structure for the services offered. Please indicate all services you believe you could provide and their associated fees. Assume participation at quarterly investment committee meetings.

B. If hired, will your firm receive any other form of compensation from working with the account that is not included in the fee schedule listed in A above1? If so, what form of compensation?