Future Care

At The Huntington

Future Care at The Huntington Adult Community

We're happy to share that we can now welcome a few new residents directly into Kent Village from the external community.

If you have a loved one or know someone who is looking for an assisted living program in a deficiency-free environment, please contact us at 603.821.1200.

The relationships you’ll develop with management and staff at The Huntington, and in the section of our community for assisted living and nursing care known as Kent Village, are of great importance. The better we know you, the better we can ensure you have access to everything you need based on your physical abilities, balance and mental acuity.

You’ll get the privacy you desire, but still have plenty of opportunity to enjoy activities and socialize at your own pace. A transition to future care at The Huntington adult community is seamless.

The Huntington

is located at

NASHUA, NH 03062


“The earlier you move in here, the better. It’s the best decision I could make.”

Sandy, Resident since 2015